Boost your little girl's confidence

Confidence, one word that every individual craves for not everyone get it easily! one has to work hard for it, specially when it doesn't start early! i am a mother of a four year old daughter and trust me it's hard for me as well sometimes to step forward and do a few things. But i certainly want my daughter to be raised as an happy and confident individual 

Boost your little girl's confident

1) Trust and Appreciation - It's very important that we show trust in our little ones and please please please do appreciate them in all the good they do, whether it's helping their friends with little things, completing homework, being good with swimming or any other activities/class they do or even making an effort to do something. Basically the smallest of things must be appreciated through the day

2) I Love you - any chance you get them to say 'I love you' do not miss out on that. i tell this to my daughter in between our conversations, when we are driving somewhere, when i am cooking - any given point i get a chance i do mention how much i love her 

3) Always give them a choice - Let them take small decisions, let them choose. for example, between me and my daughter if she asks for ice cream when she has a cold. i would say you can certainly have one when you are better but i can offer you a cake or a home made sweet treat, yes i do get hard times a lot of time but she knows at the end she will have to make a choice from the to options given by mummy. it definitely taught me to be patient but it works most time :)

4) Physical activity - My daughter has been going for swimming lessons with Water Babies since she was done with her 16 week vaccination after birth and she absolutely enjoys swimming and is very confident in the pool, I remember last time we were on holiday, she was telling me how to swim under water

5) Always answer their Whys - i get so many of them through out the day once she is back home from school. if i do not know the answer i try and google it but i think it's important i let her know the facts in a simplest way

5) Confidence resides within every child - Whether your child is introvert or extrovert - they must feel confident in their own skin